Croatian Wedding Traditions

When you get married in Croatia, there are a number of traditions you must know. Such as the phony bride, the riza habit and the marriage procession.

The bride and groom usually move croatian women dating through their wedding processions together. For instance the traditional Croatian songs as well as the flag pet carrier, who’s called the barjaktar. He’s responsible for leading the retraite.

The barjaktar is additionally responsible for establishing the rate of the retraite. They must be described as a cheerful and positive person.

After the few has came into the chapel, the wedding get together begins a processional. Barjaktars wave the Croatian flag throughout the whole procession.

At the same time, the best guy must bring a bag filled with candy. The best man will then offer a short language.

After the ceremony, the newly weds will type in a reception that is typically held at a restaurant. Guests are encouraged to deliver presents with respect to the few. During the reception, the guests may participate in dancing. A traditional band may play.

Typically, Croatian weddings include a gift exchange. During the evening, friends will receive little rosemary branches. Some limbs are adorned with a bow that represents the Croatian flag. In addition , guests definitely will leave money in a bag.

There’s also a ceremony for the wedding couple to put pressure on each other peoples feet. It is said that the process brings good fortune. One well-known tradition is usually to throw a bouquet of flowers with the new couple.

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