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Restaurant payroll is easier to calculate when dealing with an hourly calculation. The formula is hours worked multiplied by the rate for that position.

If you live in areas not covered by their full filing service, it doesn’t offer tax setup and filing assistance, only sends reminders when your tax is due. Additional fees for payroll changes, document requests, and other extra services. Provides support with a dedicated nanny payroll representative. Calculates federal and state taxes, with social security and medicare. Nanny Chex sets up all employer accounts and federal EIN, regardless of your service plan. No compensation was offered, and we had to do most of the legwork to fix the problem.” – Reviewer on G2.com.

Best for Novice Payroll Managers and Very Small Businesses

If you pay your nanny $2,600 or more per year, both you and the employee may be subject to FICA taxes on those wages. You might also have to pay FUTA taxes (and/or state unemployment taxes) if your nanny makes more than intuit payroll nanny $1,000 in any quarter during the current year or previous year. The IRS generally doesn’t require you to withhold federal income tax from a household employee’s wages unless the employee requests it and you agree to it.

  • Payroll for one household employee is relatively simple so get educated then do it yourself.
  • OnPay serves both general businesses and specialized ones, like professional services, medical offices, and farming.
  • It is cloud-based and allows you to finalize payroll for salaried employees, tipped employees, and contractors.
  • If you have homeowners’ insurance, read the fine print as it might already be included.
  • Charges error fees, insufficient funds fees, payroll reruns, and document access.
  • Integrate Rippling Payroll with accounting software like Quickbooks and NetSuite.

Paychex is one of the best restaurant payroll software platforms for restaurants of all sizes. It is robust enough to manage their specific needs, including tip reporting and multiple pay rates. The time and attendance add-on tracks the time of your hourly employees for accurate payments. Paychex https://turbo-tax.org/ also supports payroll and tax processing, plus compliance in several locations, which is ideal if you need to pay employees in different regions. You may also owe state unemployment taxes.SurePayroll makes it easy to pay your employees, correctly file payroll taxes and handle the year-end forms.


Payroll service and software should be easy to access and set up and have a user-friendly interface. We gave points to those that provide a dedicated representative, employer ID and tax set-up assistance, and live phone support that resolves issues promptly. Paychex earned the highest rating (4.75 out of 5), followed by NannyChex (4.5), SurePayroll (4.25), and HomePay . HomeWork Solutions came in last (3.88), mainly because you have to sign up for its higher tier to get a dedicated rep. Unfortunately, my 2017 tax forms were mishandled and given to me late.

Can I use QuickBooks to pay my nanny?

QuickBooks home accounting software helps you:

Pay a nanny, gardener or housekeeper. Track expenses & stay on budget. Manage rental income and taxes.

Rippling’s versatility is unparalleled among this group of services. If you’re doing payroll manually, the process can take hours every payday. Cloud-based payroll applications, like the nine we review here, can run a payroll in minutes once you’ve done the initial setup. Paying your employees accurately and promptly is one of the most critical elements of running a business. We test the top online payroll services to help you choose the right one.

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